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Welcome to the homepage for the Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Club. We are a ham radio club that is headquartered in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri. Our club is located in the town of Houston, Missouri. Houston is in the center of Texas County, the largest county in the state of Missouri.

 ********************  The Club's nightly 2 meter net  ********************

The Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Club's local net is held every evening at 8:30 pm on the club's 2 meter repeater.
The club's 2 meter net is open to all hams to participate. We love to hear from other hams !!
So if you are in the area please join us and check-in with the Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Club net !!
The Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Club operates a 2 meter repeater, callsign NØKBC, at frequency 146.85Ø with a standard negative offset at 146.25Ø and a pulse tone of 114.8



****   We turn the pulse tone (114.8) off during the net to make sure everyone can join in.  ****